Friday, 22 March 2013

Emedinews:Insights on MEdicolegal Issues:A Criminal Investigative model of FBI for lust murders

On the basis of various literature and experience of two decades, I endorse/feel that dead bodies do tell tales as to ‘how he/she has been killed/died"; what is required is a meticulous autopsy surgeon to hear/understand its language.
Lust murder may be organized or disorganized depending on the psychopathology of the offender and the same is manifested in the crime scene of the killings.
It is determined by very close observation/examination of the scene and corpse. In the case of a disorganized offender, the victim will be immediately rendered unconscious or dead by a "blitz–style" of attack and there will be evidence of symbolic and postmortem sexual activities.
In both instances, however, the cutting, mutilation and overkill type wound structures will be directed towards those parts of the body that the offender finds significant to him as per his fantasy and serve as a sexual stimulus.
The disorganized offender usually depersonalizes his victim by facial destruction or overkill type of wounds and it became a signature forensic component for crime detection.
Any sexually sadistic acts are performed postmortem. Mutilation to the genitalia in females, neck, throat and buttocks are performed because these parts of the body contain a strong sexual significance to him. Most cases of lust murder usually involve male perpetrators. However, accounts of female lust murderers do exist also.

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