Thursday, 27 June 2013

Do’s and Don’ts in flood disaster

1.      Do not drink dirty water. Boil it or put chlorine or iodine into it before consuming.

2.      Sprinkle medicine in dirty water.

3.      Destroy all food contaminated by flood water.

4.      Beware of insects and poisonous snakes which may have entered the house along with the flood.

5.      Make sure that your electricity is not leaking or you may get electrocuted.

6.      Follow the principle of boil it, cook it, peel it, heat it or forget it.

7.      Check the sewage system so that it does not get mixed with drinking water.

8.      If there is a breakage in the drainage system, stop using latrine and do not use water.

9.      Switch off the main electricity to prevent electricity leakage.

10.     Make sure all the plugs in the house are 3-pin plugs and earthing is proper

11.    Check any leakage of gas.

12.     Your mobiles may not work but landline phones may still be working for some time.

13.     Act and don’t react.

14.     Panic situation can harm.

15.     Try to communicate with people for help and always follow the weather forecast, if available.

(with inputs from Indian Medical Association)

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