Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Emedinews:Insights on Medicolegal issues: False accusations of sexual assault

Allegations of sexual assault can be made easily, hard to prove but even harder to disprove
The sexual offenses which are recognized in our legal system are rape, sodomy, oral sex, drug-related sexual assault such as the molestation, inappropriate touching, forced kissing, forced oral, anal, vaginal penetration by fingering/fisting or any means, child sex abuse, sexual torture or any other form of complain as selling and buying of minor girls for illicit sexual intercourse, adultery, incest etc. In almost all of the above cases, a medical examination of accused and victim is required and the medical report as well as collected biological samples are very crucial and provide the strongest scientific evidence of the case since in crime of sexual offenses. An eye witness is rarely found.

The investigator/examining doctor should keep the possibility of false accusation of rape in mind and find out the truth. Medical examination must be conducted in a transparent manner in the interest of truth and justice without fear and favor as an obligation of medical ethics.

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