Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Emedinews:Insights on Medicolegal Issues:Is approval of a clinic for MTP required?

Vide Regulation 7, no entry shall be made in any case–sheet, operation theatre register, follow–up card or any other document or register (except the admission register) maintained at any hospital or approved place indicating there in the names of the pregnant woman and reference to that woman shall be made therein by the serial number assigned to such woman in the admission register.
No place shall be approved under clause (b) of section 4,
  • unless the government is satisfied that the termination of pregnancies may be done therein under safe and hygienic conditions; and
  • unless the following facilities are provided therein, viz., an operation table and instruments for performing abdominal and gynecological surgery; anesthetic equipment, resuscitation equipment and sterilization equipment; Drugs and parenteral fluid for emergency use.
The Chief Medical Officer of the district may, if he is satisfied after such verification, enquiry or inspection, as may be considered necessary that termination of pregnancy may be done under safe and hygienic conditions, at a place, recommend the approval of such place to the government.

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