Monday, 16 September 2013

Use copper based kitchen and toilet accessories

Copper, pure or alloy, used in door knobs or other bathroom or kitchen accessories prevent infection. I casually asked this question to one of the builders why in a house he uses steel based accessories and not copper based. 

He said that copper accessories are costly. When asked how much costly he said it may amount to spending extra 50,000/-. A person can buy a flat for Rs.2.5 crores but when it comes to renovation he wants to save Rs.50000/- and compromise on the quality. 

 My end answer is never negotiate or bargain when it comes to eatables and healthcare. In healthcare never negotiate when it comes to implants. For example you need a heart stent and you end up negotiating a discount of Rs.20000/-. 

The hospital will never reduce its margin of profit but install in you a 20,000/- cheaper stent. The very purpose of your getting treatment in a private hospital is to get the best and not the costliest treatment with cheapest consumables and implants.

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