Saturday, 6 July 2013

A Tribute to my friend, Shri Anil Jaju

On Friday night, my friend Shri Anil Jaju passed away. My association with him goes back for over thirty years. He was the Founder Director of Heart Care Foundation of India.

In his passing, not only did I lose a dear friend, we as a community also lost an inspiring mentor and a health reformer. A true karmayogi, he regarded work as worship for the whole society. He always lived his life according to his belief that activities for the mankind should be the responsibility of each and every person.  
Vedanta explains that we are not just our physical body. We are also mind, intellect and the soul. The soul or the consciousness is the source of happiness or ananda. The attainment of happiness is not through material things, but through righteous conduct (dharma).

When the body dies, the soul is still alive. It never dies. The soul is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. 
Our purpose of life should be to stay alive after death.  It’s our actions or conduct that will keep us alive in the hearts of people.

Through his actions, ideals and conduct, Shri Anil Jaju has left a tremendous impact on the lives of many and so he will always remain with us.


  1. Dear Dr. KK,

    I'm deeply saddened by the death of Anil Jaju, indeed a great loss to you and the community.

    Our condolences.

    Warn regards,

  2. Shri Anil Jaju had a great impact on me and my family and his departure to heaven is a great loss to me. Sure heaven is richer with one more good pure soul and all we are left with is good memories of a very good human being who touched our lives in so many different ways.
    You shall always live in our heart
    God bless