Saturday, 20 July 2013

What does the cricketing sixth sense in Dhoni mean in medical terms?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has made it a habit of coming good when the chips are down and feels that his excellent finishing sense has to do with his good cricketing sense, which he is blessed with. 
In the recently concluded triangular series between India, West Indies and Sri Lanka, his contribution proved to be decisive as India won the thrilling final.
What is this excellent finishing skill?  In medical terms, it is called serotonin effect i.e. the levels of serotonin increase in the body, which increase your judgment and your performance improves. 
Those cricketers who used to hit sixes on demand also had the same phenomenon. 
This is also called Chimp Effect. In Chimpanzees, when the head of the family dies, the next person who takes over starts behaving differently because of increased serotonin levels. 

So Dhoni probably has instinct of increasing serotonin levels on demand and that makes him one of best finishing cricketers in the world. 

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