Saturday, 13 July 2013

Clot dissolving therapy or angioplasty in early acute heart attacks

Outcomes are comparable between primary removal of clot in heart artery with stent angioplasty and clot dissolving drugs in patients with ST-elevation heart attacks who present early. 

Results of STREAM study

1. Best is stent angioplasty if it can be done within one hour of presentation to the hospital

2. Those who present within three hours of chest pain and stent angiopslaty cannot be done in one hour there was no difference between the two treatments (stent angioplasty of clot dissolving drugs) in the primary composite end point of major adverse cardiovascular events at 30 days. 

Comments: In most non busy cardiac center stent angioplasty labs needs to be informed and angiographer called for doing the procedure and that take time. In such cases give clot dissolving drugs.

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