Sunday, 21 July 2013

NEET update

1. IMA TN unit welcomes SC verdict: Point Counterpoint

IMA TN: Conducting tests nationwide simultaneously was not possible as Medical Council of India was not the competent authority and did not have enough manpower and infrastructure.

A: Exams are not being taken by MCI buy by CBSC for UG and NBE for PG. 

IMA TN: There is a possibility of entire examination system collapsing if one person in the council became corrupt.

A: MCI is an elected body and one person getting corrupt can not make any difference. The ministry does not collapse if the minister turns out to be corrupt.

IMA TN:  Government should bring in stringent law and strictly implement the existing law to curb the menace of collecting huge sum of money towards fees by private medical colleges, 

A: that was the purpose of NEET.

2. Lucknow Activists demand probe in NEET decision

Activists have prayed new CJI for an independent enquiry into various allegations including alleged leak of an order on NEET.

1. At 8.36am on 18th July, GS a lawyer from the Supreme Court published an article 'Into the Darkness' on a website 'Bar and Bench'. 

The article stated, "In a little while, on his last day in office, the Chief Justice's court will deliver the much awaited judgment concerning the validity of the national medical entrance test to be conducted by the Medical Council of India. 

For the better part of the last week, senior counsel and junior advocates alike have without compunction shared a story that the appeals by the private colleges will be allowed with a declaration that the MCI has no jurisdiction, and one if the judges will dissent from this view. 

The judgment, it is confidently touted, runs into more than 190 pages and in excess of 300 paragraphs. It is my fervent hope that this tale is false - a figment of some perverse and destructive mind. In a few hours, we will know the truth."

On the same day at 11am, the three Judge bench delivered exactly the same judgment.

3. Report from the Hindustan Times, says...

"Meanwhile, CJI was caught unawares when informed that an article by SC advocate GS - uploaded on a website two hours before the verdict - had leaked the judgment and even mentioned that Justice D would be the dissenting vote. The article talked about "gossip" within court circles that the appeals by private colleges against the NEET would be allowed.  When questioned about the 'leak', CJI said he was surprised and shocked. "What can I say about it?" he said.  The outgoing CJI was on his way to his farewell party when media persons questioned him."

4. Times of India on 19th July titled "Collegiums stalls outgoing CJI's attempt to push judge's appointment to SC" also talks about former CJI Kabir's meeting with the Collegium. It says...  (SOURCE: MONEY LIFE)

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  1. You call a Doctor ('Noblest' 'Most revered' 'Most respected' profession!) a cheat, corrupt, incompetent, thrash him, destroy his clinic/life, and its called democratic right.
    You call a Judge (never heard anyone call it 'Noble' or 'Next to God') corrupt, incompetent, nepotist, opportunist, and you are in contempt of Court.....jailed/fined/harassed.
    The path/conduct of a Medical Professional is decided by non-medicos (half-cooked bureaucrats, politicos, judicial officers) but the Judiciary takes care of itself. Any attempt to bring it under even the most independent and transparent control is shot down by.....Judiciary itself!