Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Where is Aamir Khan Now?

Aamir Khan projected himself in his show Satyamev Jayate as a social reformer for the country and not only as an actor.

He ended up in controversies especially with the medical profession. He sat in an open debate in ABP News and said that he would lead a delegation of Indian Medical Association to the Health Ministry and who personally made observations about me and took my number from the anchor but never responded to the calls later on. He linked the whole medical profession with corruption.

The same social reformer is now missing when there is a national calamity in Uttarakhand. If he had been really concerned about society, he should have announced that whole income from his next movie would go for Uttarakhand flood relief. Or he could have announced another series of weekly charity shows and donated the anchor fee to the flood victims.

People like him use shows like Satyamev Jayate not for public interest but only as a business venture. If he had been really concerned about public interest, he would have done shows like Satyamev Jayate for the TV channels for charity and not for earning money.


  1. well said. charity is not a show off for the media.left hand should not know what the right hand has donated. may be surrogacy trend with a selective male embryo was started by him ,to be copied by other stars ,who have money to do so ..this was blurted out by the Drs at Jaslok. while another case was investigated by authorities against the Drs. Stars as Role Models -Never.

  2. Actually I feel very bad when people start comparing docs with God hey we also have families to feed kids to look after... If we start all the charity what will our families do...we are just like any other human being.. Just that we have chosen a noble purpose to fulfill

  3. Agree with patel comment. We have the right to charge for the services we offer. But unethical practice should never be tollerated. We should give due concession to poor patients. At end of day, your work is what that matters. Money will follow.

  4. Where is Amir Khan, when disaster struck at Uttarakhand? must be counting money on 'money counting machine' after getting crores of rupees in advertisement on 'kuposhan hatao'. What a joke in ad. Our ministry is also blind of giving such huge amount for such silly way of spreading awareness. Just repeating 4 slogans by him and rural people (with out knowing) on breast feeding & weaning does not spread awareness. It seems like another media scam and waste of tax payers' money. 'Kuposhan' (malnutrition) is not a 'living human subject' who can be commanded to quite India, but one has to put 'head' and 'heart' in to the result oriented efforts. Many social scientists and community filed practitioners are working 'unsung' but Govt. denies helping them for a good cause and wasting money giving celebrity like Amir khan.
    Amir khan was missing at the time of Bhuj Earthquake of Gujarat in 2001, the place was erased from the map of Gujarat, where he shoot out his box office hit movie 'Lagan'. We should not consider them as 'role model' for our children.
    dr.jeram p.
    Professor and Head: Dept. of Community Medicine.