Friday, 5 July 2013

Delhi Medical Council rejects Ministry of Health proposal for registering Ayush doctors under Delhi Medical Council

In a letter written to Principal Secretary, Government of Delhi dated 19.06.2013, Delhi Medical Council has totally rejected the Ministry of Health, Government of India proposal to amend the Delhi Medical Council Act and allow registration of Ayush doctors in DMC so that they can start limited allopathy practice.
Tamil Nadu Medical Council and Punjab Medical Council have also similarly rejected this proposal and written to the Ministry of Health as well as Medical Council of India. Tamil Nadu Medical Council has even gone to the court in this regard.
Delhi Medical Council says that the provisions of Medical Council of India as well as Delhi Medical Council Act cannot permit doctors from other systems of medicines to register with State Medical Council. The Council also cited two judgments  - one is Punam Verma vs Ashwin Patel and other one is Dr. Mukhtar Chand & Ors vs State of Punjab. In clarifying its position, the Council said that the aforesaid proposal is in violation of the legal provisions clarified or laid down by the Supreme Court of India in Dr. Mukhtar Chand judgment. In Punam Verma case also, the Supreme Court of India said that the person who does not have knowledge of a particular system of medicine and practices in that is quack.
The Council also cited Supreme Court of India judgment  in Martin S D’Souza Vs Ishfar where it was held that professional may be held liable for negligence under ground that he was not possessing the requisite skill. 


  1. Sir, even if quacks are not registered what difference does it make? For each qualified doctor, there are at least 100 quacks practicing allopathy medicine. And our system is flourishing them by giving them cuts. In fact need is to empower state medical council to act against all unqualified so called doctors. But medical council has power against qualified doctors only then how can it control quacks.


  2. JAI SUNDARAM.I am in total agreement about "NO REIGISTRATION FOR ANY OTHER DOCTOR EXCEPT THE ONE WHO IS QUALIFIED.-MBBS.from a recognized medical college.A right step and we all should stand by it.
    Now let me come to our own qualified Doctors.I have had the opportunity of auditing a number of hospitals.My findings are as under
    a) History writing.The youngsters are not aware how a case sheet is to be written.To quote two examples only
    (a) C/O 3rd degree piles.Nothing else on the case sheet.The last line is case refereed to surgeon.
    (b) Discharge of a discharged case. There is some semblance of a case sheet but what takes the cake is "LUNGS-BILATERAL HYDROCELE"
    Examination.Inspection,palpation,percussion and auscultation have been thrown out and their place is occupied by MRI,CAT Scan,Color Doppler
    and so on.
    -Never query the consultant to educate themselves.The consultants are also not bothered to educate,but spend quality time with those who are interested.
    In many cases the notes by the consultant himself are sketchy.
    Other points.
    The freshly qualified doctors are not coming forward to register themselves.
    my suggestion was,go to the Medical colleges and address the freshly qualified doctors to educate them about IMA and advantages of registering themselves.
    Apart from the the clinical excellence of a number of our doctors what really matters to the authorities is the the ratio of total graduates to those who are registered.
    long live IMA with its full strength.May it achieve more and more for the doctor community.
    Veteran Dr(Brig)Maremanda Jaya Rao

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