Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Delhi Medical Association to protest against one year compulsory rural posting

In anticipation of a likely notification of Medical Council of India making one year rural posting compulsory for doctors who are aspiring to do post graduation, Delhi Medical Association is organizing a Dharna on 8th August, 2013 Thursday outside MCI premises at Dwarka.

A high level Indian Medical Association meeting was held which had representatives from Delhi Medical Association and also medical students, interns and non PG residents.

The Medical Association is demanding that they are not against doctors working in rural areas but they do not want rural posting to be linked to entry to medical education. It can be linked to promotions or new appointments in government jobs.

The Association is planning to have a Dharna of 1 to 4 thousand people on that day.

Dr. Devi Shetty, Former Member, Board of Governors, MCI has also called an All India Students Convention on 29th July in his native place on the same subject. He is providing free lodging and travel to student leaders to come and attend the convention which is likely to announce its next strategy.

The Medical Association said that there are 40000 students who pass MBBS every year and there are only 25000 for the rural postings. Making rural postings compulsory cannot be the right answer as the government does not have 40000 jobs. If rural posting is made compulsory all 40000 of them will have to apply for the same and if they do not find enough jobs, there will be chaos in the medical profession.


  1. Medical graduates interested in PG should have the rural posting compulsory for one year, others need not.Date of posting & date of relieve from the posting should be mentioned on day one, otherwise Govt forget to relieve them.The highest authority of the District(CDMO/ DM) should supervise & give the training certificate, no BDO/ panchayat president: otherwise we all know how the things move in the Govt.
    Rural doctors should get 50% extra as as rural pay: whole salary should be IT free. Those who have already completed two yrs rural posting should get 5% extra weightage in entrance score.

  2. Those contemplating bringing out this rule must do 5years compulsory rural practice to be eligible to make such rules. I'm sure most of them havn't set foot in a rural health centre after internship. They are just bending 90○ to satisfy the carnal needs of their political masters, with the elections coming near and in the process hurting generations of medical graduates. Just like that bugger Desai, the most corrupt man, brought out the rule to reign in corruption in medical profession.

  3. it is very unfortunate that least trained medical professional are sent to
    rural areas where 1 least diagnostic facility are available so combination of least trained medical professional with least diagnostic facility will lead to sure shot complication.already financial compromised
    person will not able to bear the cost of treatment of suggestion is most experienced person should be sent to such a compromised
    place and young professional should be motivated to get highest possible
    training and should be prepared to face challenges with minimum support.
    2 to implement national programs you need not any mbbs you just need technical paramedical staff who will be implement these programs more efficiently,because even you force mbbs to do compulsory rural service,they will not do there work efficiently because all of them are distracted to get pg seats.