Wednesday, 3 July 2013

We make IMA and we are responsible for our actions

It is we who make an association or an institution.  If we say institution is bad that means we are bad.  Of late we have seen a lot of people talking bad about Indian Medical Association.
I can understand if you are not a member of IMA you can talk bad about it. But if you are a member of Indian Medical Association you cannot talk bad about it because we a part and parcel of the same system.

Those who feel that at a national level IMA is not being able to provide what they can provide they should fight for the same cause at the level of their branches.  
Branches are independent societies and bodies and are even independent from the state branch of IMA.  Being an independent body they are free to fight for the rights of the members of the medical profession of their own branch.  They can even go to court and file cases and if IMA feels it would like to intervene it can also intervene as a party.
 Apart from that one must not forget that for every specialist there is a separate association.  For common causes they should join hands with the national IMA.
Also all specialty organizations have their state chapters.  The state chapters of specialty organizations along with the state branch of IMA can join hands in fighting issues both at the political and legal level.  IMA being a political body on many occasions may like to fight their case on political principles and not on legal principles knowing very well the  legal battle may take decades and political pressure many times work.  IMA has already brunt their fingers in the Consumer Protection Act case.

 I personally feel all the branches of Indian Medical Association should have a legal cell whose job is to look after the interest of their people.

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  1. Reason why the perception is there that IMA does not do its job is that IMA contains many disparate groups within itself, Medical Teachers, Private practitioners, hospital owners, clinic owners and retired doctors. Also IMA is bound by its constitution and cannot be run like a proprietorship concern with instant decision making and action. It has to follow its own rules. Legal cells of IMA whether at national level or state level again will have no powers (financial or otherwise) and will have to report to the CWC, or National Executive with its recommendations. What is needed is a dedicated professionally run independent think tank / group of doctors on the lines of what we have created at Medicos Legal Action Group to work in coordination with IMA but be autonomous in its decision making. This however is needed to be well funded to be effective at national or state level. Hopefully some day we will have an efficient well funded and dedicated group which will be an effective deterrent to all those who think doctors are easy targets.