Sunday, 7 July 2013

Woman given wrong blood in hospital, dies

A 25-year-old woman died after being given blood of a wrong group in KC General Hospital. Malleswaram resident Rajeshwari breathed her last in Victoria Hospital early on Thursday. Police booked cases against physician, nurse and two other employees of the government-run KC General Hospital. Her blood group was O positive, but she was given B positive blood, causing grave complications.
1.       MCI 7.18 In the case of running of a nursing home by a physician and employing assistants to help him / her, the ultimate responsibility rests on the physician.
2.      Giving a wrong blood is a never event .
3.       As defined by the National Quality Forum and commonly agreed upon by health care providers, one of the 28 never events are: Patient death or serious disability associated with a hemolytic reaction due to the administration of ABO/HLA incompatible blood or blood products.

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